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Wornox aFOUNDER posted Oct 7, 18


Greetings gamer! Guys use ip if isn't working - Thank you :D

Our new ip is now up an running. Today, Wornox and Wolfite, along with our VERY valued rerturning players (Shag, Alex, Jayd, Panth and too many to mention) (haha) will be on the look out to help you settle back in. If you're a new player, make yourself known to us in game.

See you in a bit :D

The EpiCraft Team

Wornox aFOUNDER Thank you Shaggy! Guys use ip if isn't working - Thank you :d
[EBC] shaggy33334 S-MODo :p you will most likely see me on there alot #no life, please do feel free to ask my anything, i will help where i can ...

Big Announcement!

Wolfite aMANAGERTechPR posted Oct 6, 18

Hey there, Epicraft Community!

This is just a friendly reminder to let you know that we are officially live. 

We are currently fixing the IP for you to join as, but please use to join us until then!

Kind regards with much excitement,

The Epicraft Team.

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