Good chance that those of you that are still active within forums and on the server don’t know me. Well I joined EC Back in 2011 or 2012? (Don’t quite remember). When the server was ran by BULLZI, Jobolobo and Wornox. I’ve been through it all, became infatuated with the amazing community this server has blessed me with and landed as one of ECs staff with the rank Junior Builder as the youngest staff member in the server (11-13 at the time) Worked on huge projects and everything, made some of down, all that other stuff. Decided to quit around late 2014 and yes. That’s it, was a major blast and the thought of this server still makes me happy and nostalgic, in hopes of seeing this server bloom again. Might come back, apply as staff but hey. This server is a lot of fun :) so join