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Hey everyone. I don't know if there are still people around from when I played on EC, but if there are, hey guys. Let's see where I should start...

I came on EC because I was looking for a fun survival server and Epicraft offered just that. I logged on for the first time and had a really fun time. Honestly, I had a slight addiction to Minecraft at that point. Not something I'm really proud of, but it happened. After a certain number of months, I bought the Epigod rank and began building life-sized ships on Epicraft. After a few years of playing on Epicraft, I donated, talked with friends, and just had fun, I decided I wanted to do more for the EC community, so I applied to become a T-Mod. After a few attempts, my application was approved by torchez and I became a T-Mod for EC. I was quite happy.

My position as staff continued for a while and I was still able to have fun and enforce the rules. I enjoyed every second of it and made a pretty good friend. Her name was saracase. She and I just logged on and played whenever we wanted to. One day while I was on one of the ships I'd built, I was promoted to Moderator by torchez again. It was quite nice, but it didn't last long. At that time, EC was dying, unfortunately. A lot of us on the staff team saw the end coming and we began taking our leaves. I was one of those who left, sadly.

I never really said goodbye to anyone and I regret not doing so because there were a lot of fun happy people on EC regardless of the state the server was in. I stopped playing Minecraft altogether after I left EC. After a few years, I came back to play on single player and continue building ships. It was fun, but it wasn't the same. I missed EC, but I knew that if I went back, there'd be nothing to go back to.

Now that EC is back, I'm currently deciding whether or not I will come back to play or just watch for a while. The chances of my return are honestly unknown to me as of now because I have to worry about exams and summatives at the moment. However, I have a break soon so I may have a chance to hop on for a brief moment and check the place out.

If anyone I know is reading this (Past Usernames for me: Floatato, SwagFloaTaTo), I hope you come back on too. Hit me up on discord and say who you are (Discord: tyler#2734). I'll come running. Just want to say thanks for all the fun memories that I had on here and I hope I can crank out at least a few more.

Until next time...
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You left us. Not cool man. Not cool at all.

Jk good to have ya back son.
Posted Feb 6, 19