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I thought I would introduce myself to some of the new faces by copying one of my older introductions back in 2014, this was at the time Epicraft was peaking.

I still stand by the words and morals I had set out for myself and I hope to see Epicraft back on its feet in no time!

Hello there Epi-Crafters, today i'm going to talk about myself, my life and my journey.

My name is b0ycey, Boycey, Boyce, Lachie or Lachlan and I joined the Epi-Craft community in early 2012 around about March or April. I've been on many Minecraft servers and I never really went for the big and large scale servers, cause lets be honest you're just another small player on the server with a chat full of spam.

I originally joined the server when I was first introduced to "Enjin Forums" in 2012. I set out new goals and one of them was not only to achieve staff on a server for a first time but on such a successful server like EC, When I joined there was 1 owner, 1 co owner and a whole amazing community of staff and players, the thing that attracted me the most was the sparkles and amazing website theme, and from this is where I decided to become a 'Graphics Designer'. I enjoyed the first 3 months on the server getting to know the community and it's members, I bought my first rank which was 'LEET' within the first week of my arrival on the server, around 2 weeks later I purchased Super, then CEO, Legend, epic until I reached the rank of EPIGOD. Back then EPIGOD was this amazing rank with Creative and nickname abilities. What I loved most about EC was not only the website, server and the staff but the owner in charge. This owner was "Wornox" he was an amazing owner. From all the memories I have on EC nothing was more important to me than the first time I go into pending for my 'Moderator Application' and then when I was accepted and got my first staff rank EVER! on a Minecraft server. Something happend a while later and I was demoted, it broke my heart to see all the money, time and effort I put into the server.

1 month had passed and I was back on the staff team again and was feeling better than ever, unfortunately we lost some good players over that time period. I took me around 3 weeks to get to Moderator, where I was working at the most best. I was probably the most active Moderator at this time.

I've been on and off Epi-Craft for a while now only coming back to get staff back, I still want staff this time but I want it to better others and make a new EC rather than to repeat the mistakes i've done over again. I've been on EC for a little over 2 years and I reckon that makes me a 'VETERAN'.

The true definition of VETERAN is someone who's spent time, effort and will always be remembered for what they did, someone who's been there the longest and someone who's helped the most.

I hope to see all the new faces roll onto the website and server, cause this is the start of your journey. Which let me tell you is an amazing one!

With much love,
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Touching and I love the post mate! I'm glad I've had a chance to come across and meeinng you although it was not until 6 years later lol. But abot your desire about becoming part of staff again, I wouldn't doubt that it's a high possibility before we start the 2019 year off! Keep up the great work, acrivity, and help with both the old players and new players. Glad to have you back and see you in game -Panther
Posted Nov 12, 18
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Boycey my man, i remember u...we were staff together...good times, hopefully i see u around cause im trying to get back into mc :)
Posted Dec 18, 18