Week 1 - Good fun when servers crash

Wornox aFOUNDER posted Sun at 12:36

Click here to download MINECRAFT then Add ip play.epicraft.com.au to join!

After the first week of EpiCraft coming back on line, we saw dozens of returning, and some new players. Wolfite recreated a balanced set of ranks and you can now log in to our server at ip play.epicraft.com.au to request / claim your old rank back!

We have brought in MCMMO, various aesthetic-based perks and made some staff promotions as well. Special welcome to Smoofty as head builder, Shaggy as Moderator and B0ycey as Web Site Developer. (Love the work on our site - Thank you!)

Server crashes: When certain players log in to the server, it crashes and we have found a solution. If you find yourself jailed when you log in, ask to be unjailed - we will explain after ;)

See you in game.

The EpiCraft Team

    New to Minecraft? 1) Click here to download the game 2) Add ip play.epicraft.com.au to join!


After 4 years of slumber, EpiCraft relaunched this weekend and we saw some welcomed familiar faces. Thank you for a great start everyone who joined! Special mention to Wolfite and Panther506. The DJ Crew smashed some tunes out too (Country Roads...) Here's what's to come in the next week:

Server ip play.epicraft.com.au is working so go ahead and click on the blue link to your right and paste it in your Minecraft.

Ranks will be reduced in number from the traditional nine to five. You will receive a free upgrade to the next rank up if your rank is one of the ones to go. Rank perks will be different and more balanced than before. The tags are ready but Wolfite is still working on the perks for you. You will also be able to grind your way to obtain higher ranks using /jobs and ingame currency.

The web site forums are being cleaned up and we will be asking you to submit votes for polls and EpiCraft's events, plugins and more.

Staff Apps: Once the site is cleaned up, people offering their much appreciated service to mod for EC will be invited to submit an expression of interest (EOI). If approved, you'll go in to a 'pool' and be fished out when staff are needed. Please keep in mind that the more players we have, the more staff we will need so go ahead and spam our server's rebirth on your social media ;)

We are in the middle of mental Health Awareness Week so remember to ask 'RU OK' when in game.

With Gratitude,

The EpiCraft Team

Wornox aFOUNDER Welcome back everyone! Please make new players feel welcome :)
[NOX] ✧ Mooflese ✧ ya cheers nox, I'm bloody back
Boycey Everyone please vote here for our server; https://topg.org/server-epicraft-id499884
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